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     We are one-stop destination for all your design and engineering training needs! Discover a wide range of courses, including CAD and CNC training, UI/UX, and Catia, all designed to help you achieve your career goals. We are the perfect place to kickstart your tech career in Pune!

     Param Cad Cam is the go-to destination for students looking to learn AUTOCAD and other computer software since 2004. "Putting students first - our dedicated team of professionals has earned us a loyal following from near and far!"

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     From CAD and CNC training to UI/UX and Catia courses, We offers the necessary resources for students to achieve their career goals in the field of design and engineering. 

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Get ready to upskill and expand your knowledge with our top trending courses in the field of Design and Engineering!

Get charged up with our top-rated courses that cover a wide range of topics such as 

If you're looking to pursue a career in Mechanical Engineering, our courses in 

are a must-try!

Whether you're looking to master

in Electrical we've got you covered.

Our Civil Engineering course in

is perfect for those looking to enhance their design skills and make their mark in the industry.

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